“DIOS” Portal – distributed information & order solution

With Osconomy’s DIOS Portal you provide external and internal users with a simple, inexpensive and almost fully extensible portal that provides real-time read access to various SAP ERP functions and other web apps – without physically storing data in the cloud.

Based on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), you enable your sales partners fast and easy read access to e.g. products, prices, open and historical orders as well as some customer-specific KPIs.

The information displayed in the DIOS portal is based exclusively on data from the customer’s own ERP system as the leading system for master and transaction data.

Using the SAP IAS services (Identity and User Management) established in the DIOS Portal, you administrate various external and internal user groups with role and rights concepts and thus decide which of your users may access which applications.

Your benefit:

  • Complete cost transparency thanks to usage-based billing and only a small monthly provision subscription
  • No redundant data storage in the cloud
  • Binding of existing sales partners and acquisition of new partners
  • Relief of your office staff from standard queries by the business partners
  • Ideal as an interim solution until the Realisation of a possibly planned ERP roll-out
  • Simple connection to third-party systems
  • Online access to data via the portal, e.g. electronic catalogs, etc., reduces the workload on the office staff and prevents redundant data storage

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Truck Advisor

The Truck Advisor was developed for real-time monitoring of transports in truck freight traffic. It guarantees a constant availability of process-relevant transport data. The database thus supports real-time adjustments of transport planning and logistics disposition, and thus contributes significantly to increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


You expect transparency for your transport management? Truck Advisor offers highest reliability in the transmission of real-time shipment data to all stakeholders involved in the supply chain.

Manufacturers, distribution centres, department stores, end customers, forwarders and drivers are simply networked without additional hardware.

With the data provided by Truck Advisor,  you increase the planning reliability of arrival and departure times, optimise the utilisation of loading capacities, have online status information from the truck available at all times and communicate specifically with the truck drivers.

Support on Demand

Osconomy’s ASX3 – Support on Demand is a tool for receiving and managing customer tickets. It can be easily integrated into any solution as a menu entry or tile within a fex minutes on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

The SAP/UI5 interfaces enable service providers to have a transparent ticket system with which they can manage all types of incidents, change, support or development requests.

ASX3 – Support on Demand bundles the requests and service processes of all customers of a solution in a backend service desk system for processing by the service provider and is open for the connection of other service desk systems.