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our daily motivator Our "Digital Business Manufacture" offers you perfectly coordinated services for the reliable path to digitization. Goal-orientated and fast.

Four steps to digital innovation

Digital Thinking.

Digital ideas are available, but how can they be put into concrete terms?

Digital Thinking is an optimal method to develop new solutions with agile teams. We support your team pragmatically in finding ideas.

Your benefit:
Consistent approach to digital transformation in manageable steps.

Use Case Validation.

How do you validate the realization of your ideas?

As digital business developers we know this question very well. Our business workshop will give you more clarity.

Your benefit:
Development of a foundation for decision making for the implementation of usable digital prototypes.

Prototyping as a Service.

Do you like to provide your users with digital prototypes quickly? You don’t / can’t decide on licensing and operations yet?

We understand that very well. Because first of all it is necessary to learn from experience in order to have a stable basis for a decision. Therefore we offer compact prototyping packages with well defined prices.

Your benefit:
Your digital innovation becomes more rapidly tangible. The Digital Transformation real. You remain flexible.

SaaS Management.

Your prototype is a real success? Then this is the optimal time to deal with the topics of data center, software licenses and support.

“SaaS Management” is our matching offer. Quick and easy to use. Complete in full service, typically “software as a service” (SaaS). This allows you to concentrate on the essentials and optimise your valuable resources.

Your benefit:
Apply solution in SaaS model (rent) – clear services, flexible terms, transparent prices.

Our workshop packages

Digital Thinking


• Introduction to Digital Transformation
• Developing ideas; structuring; prioritising
• Description Draft for ideas
• Approx. 5 participants per group
• Number of groups by prior agreement
• Location by prior agreement

Price: 1.500,- € 

UseCase Validation


Summary ideas and selection
• Osconomy Solution Composer

• Personas
• Value Proposition
• Osconomy SaaS Solution Canvas
• Up to 7 participants per group
• Number of groups by prior agreement
• Location by prior agreement

Price: 3.900,- € 

Our prototyping packages

up to 30.000 €
4 – 6  weeks*

•Web-App (Backend)
• Mobile Service
• Portals
• Simple Integration

up to 50.000 €
6 – 8 weeks*

• Web-App (Backend)​
• Mobile Service​
• Portals​
• Simple Integration
• Track & Trace​

• Workflow​
• IoT​
• Cloud Analytics​

up to 75.000 €
8 – 10 weeks*

• Web-App (Backend)​
• Mobile Service​
• Portals​
• Simple Integration
• Track & Trace​

• Workflow​
• IoT​
• Big Data​
• Cloud Analytics​

On request
individual duration 

  Individual Solutions
• Machine Learning
• BlockChain

Digital Business.

Digital Thinking.


Digitization is a broad field with numerous perspectives. This applies to sub-areas as well as holistic business approaches. Our experience is that the best way to get your orientation is to ask yourself a few questions. Subsequently, promising ideas let structure support effectively.


    • Internal – How can process efficiency and productivity be increased with digitization?


    • Customer focus – How can digitization quickly create added value for your customers?


  • Strategy / Business-Model – How can new and complementary business models be created with digitization?

Stay foolish, stay hungry

Everyone can feel how constantly and rapidly the environment is changing. Digitization is unquestionably one of the main drivers. Companies are thus well advised to make creative use of the potential of digitization and thus strengthen their competitiveness. It is preferable to realise that digitalization is not a one-off project, but rather a continuous process of innovation.

Point of view:

Companies should always ask themselves questions such as:

What kind of innovation is appropriate for us?
Why do we have to be innovative, everything is going really well?
How can we become innovative and stay continuous?


Whether brainstorming, creativity methods or visualization. We support you methodically in order to quickly develop valuable ideas for the digital transformation based on your business partner or internal user.


A coordinated list with priorities for the topics is the basis for the next step of “Use Case Validation” in detail.


If your users become “fans” of the following solutions, then you have definitely done everything right and created the basis for your success.

Use Case Validation.

The challenge
Nearly every company is currently facing the challenge of having to adapt to the topic of digitization. How can it effectively leverage the capabilities of the cloud, IoT technologies and IT platforms, big data and modern web services for its business segments? What are the first steps to get started with the new technologies? An entry without disturbing the ongoing operation and this although your own resources are usually limited and intensively used with other topics?

The solution
Compact – fast – results-driven is our “Evaluation Workshop” developed especially for this purpose. The workshop is based on flexible modules such as “SaaS Solution Canvas Modells” and “Osconomy Solution Composer”. You will thus receive pragmatic and optimal support in this phase.  Depending on the use case and requirements, you can effectively complete coordinated and complementary modules in a practical workshop.

The result
The aim is always to structure an idea of digitization methodically in such a way that both the feasibility of the technical implementation is evaluated and the necessary technology components are identified and finally evaluated. The focus here is on the joint development of concrete results. This creates a basis on which a real usable prototype can be decided and implemented.

The benefit
Their benefits are obvious. With this approach, you are quickly in a position to make and start well-founded decisions for prototypes on the way to digital transformation.


 The 4 agile prototyping steps to a minimum viable product – MVP

Digital transformation requires speed and innovation. These requirements are ideally supported by the strategy of developing MVPs (minimum viable product). You can make an MVP available to your users in a very short time and have it tested in real life. We approach this agile form of development in 4 process steps.

  1. Discover – Use Case Szenario
    Your team starts together with our specialists with a kick-off workshop with one of your identified “Use Case Scenarios”. The intention is to learn about your requirements and to understand the business case. The framework conditions, processes and functions are jointly developed for further processing in the subsequent phases. In order to be able to carry out the following conception and calculation, necessary processes and functions for the MVP pilot are adopted and long-term functional scopes are recorded.
  2. Design –  Mock-ups
    In this part of the process, our specialists support you with the creation of the first mock-up routes and application logic. We focus on direct feedback from your team. Clickable mock-ups give you a feeling for the future solution very soon. You can provide feedback and comments online directly from the application as soon as you click through.
  3. Develop – Sprints
    We develop in short timeframes, so-called “sprints”, with defined job packages. This results in much more flexibility and agility in case of adjustments for the entire team compared to traditional methods. The result is an optimally developed MVP as a pilot solution.
  4. Deploy & Outlook
    The final step to your MVP pilot is the application roll-out with “live tests”. With the experience of the MVP phases, a further rollout and roadmap development can be coordinated.

The benefit
Digital transformation can be used very very quickly in your organization.

SaaS Management.

Full service from a one-stop provider

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) means that you can consume the solution as a service simply and securely from the cloud. We continue to take care of the further development and maintenance of the solution. Support and operation with reliable Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are naturally available from a one-stop provider within the scope of our services.

Global operation to the highest standards

Our SaaS solutions meet the highest operational and audit standards for business-critical applications. You can also use the solution globally. For particularly performance-critical processes, we can also provide you with the solution in Asia or the USA.

SaaS Management on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)

As usual in cloud services, our SaaS solutions are regularly supplied with the latest updates. You benefit continuously from improvements and innovations. The underlying platform and development technologies such as SAP UI5, Mobility, the Portal Services or IoT connectors are updated and maintained in parallel by our partner SAP.

The benefit

  • easy access to innovative solutions
  • SaaS services with the highest quality and security
  • Full service from a one-stop partner (solution improvements – operation – support)

There is no easier way to implement the digital transformation!

You are welcome to contact us, we are pleased to support you …